Created At: 2019.10.18 Updated At: 2019.10.18
I logged in to play Minecraft last night and this is what I saw when I first entered the world. It’s my iron farm. No, those water falls and the lava spill are not how it was designed to look. At first, I was ready to blame my kids, but I went and looked around some more. It seemed there was more damage than just the iron farm. I turned around and my tree farm was decimated:

Created At: 2019.10.14 Updated At: 2019.10.14
My Laboratory recently needed to produce a report for a new method detection limit (MDL). The MDL is, effectively, the smallest value of an compound that an instrument can reliably distinguish from zero. This is an important value for environmental purposes; we want to be able to demonstrate that we can detect toxic compounds at levels as close to zero as possible. While preparing our report, we determined that our process was capable of producing MDLs to three significant figures.